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We're here to help! For a general overview from a past HHD event, check out this recap video. Please let us know if any questions go unanswered. You can reach us at

Will there be meals provided?

Yes! We will keep you well-fed from breakfast and coffee in the morning to catered lunch during our speakers' panel

Where should I park?

Our service partners who we'll be visiting in the afternoon have limited parking capacity, so we encourage carpooling when possible.

FREE - At the venue for the morning's packing portion and lunch & learn, 120 parking spaces will be available for free on-site. There are an additional 100 parking spots reserved for HHD in the neighbor's parking lot. We will have TBP staff members directing volunteers to the correct parking lot. 

Do I need to donate?

Most teams' companies contributed a corporate donation, so we're just happy to have you in attendance. You don't have to donate to attend the event. That said, we would really love your support! You can donate here

Do I need to bring a physical copy of my ticket?

You do not need to bring a physical copy of your ticket to the event. Just come ready for an awesome day of volunteering, and make sure to dress for team spirit! We will verify your registration at the entrance of the event at check-in time, so do make sure to submit the registration form online.

What's the dress code?

This event is client-focused and casual, so we encourage you to dress down and get comfortable. Remember, we'll be on our feet and inside for most of the day!

Can I bring my kid(s)?

Yes! Kids have always had a blast at the event in years past and are welcome once again this year. Note that if your child is unvaccinated, then your child may not be able to distribute backpacks to clients at one of our partner shelters. Nevertheless, the packing and learning portions of the day (9:30am to 12:15pm) will still offer a fun, educational, and impactful outlay of your family's time.

Can I bring my client(s)?

Yes! We've had many past teams bring along their corporate clients in the spirit of collective service.

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